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Privacy Policy

This policy shows how we use your personal data, which you enter on this site to ensure the correct operation and use of the site's services. The information you enter will not be used for spamming, for promotional purposes, nor will it be passed on to third parties without your consent. You can view your personal information on our website, the information you enter will be stored on our servers in Germany and do not have the access of unauthorized persons.

We collect the following information for correct work on our website:

1. e-mail, contact information, credit card numbers, bank account details.

2. Information on transactions (sale, purchase, payment).

3. Information about the methods of delivery.

4. Other information used on our site, services, ads, downloads, statistics of visiting pages, IP addresses and other information for standard log files.

5. Additional information that we can ask you to provide (copies of passports, receipts, confirmation of addresses) to ensure the security of transactions on our site. We ask you to provide the correct information that will be used in your own interests and will not be passed on to third parties without your consent. We assure that we will ensure the full confidentiality of your personal information. You agree that your personal information will be used for: Authorizing and registering you on the site. Presence in the description of your goods. To contact you site administration, buyers and sellers. Resolving of disputable issues. Account statements. Mailing of letters and notifications from the site administration. According to the law, we reserve the right to transfer your personal information on official request from law enforcement bodies in cases of flagrant violation of the law. Also, at the request of the authorities, we can provide information about the transactions made on our website. We can not guarantee the safety and security of your personal information in cases of unauthorized access to unauthorized persons, hacking email, transferring your login and password to unauthorized persons, theft of personal data in cases of interception of email, traffic, and other hacker attacks. If you forgot your password or lost access to your account, you can use the form to remind the password. If your account is seized by unauthorized persons, you must notify the site administration about it. In this case, we can ask you to provide copies of your passport or other documents to verify your identity, as well as answer questions online. The site administration reserves the right to change your personal data upon your request. In this case, we may also ask you to provide copies of the documents to verify your identity. Also, the protection of personal information entered on this site can be provided under the laws of the country whose citizen used the resources of this site.


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