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1. Sites of political, religious, extremist content are not accepted for sale. Also, sites for the sale of weapons, drugs, human organs, with the content of child pornography are not accepted for sale. 1.1 The seller must confirm his ownership of the site, in the ways indicated on our trading platform.

2. Sellers who provided false information during registration will be blocked for transactions.

3. Registration as a seller is free of charge for everyone.

4. Each seller can post to sale any number of web sites.

5.When buying a product, the Seller receives a notification by e-mail. After receiving the notification, the seller must not later than 14 days to inform the buyer of the method of payment and the timing of the transfer of rights to the sold site.

6. After the purchase, the Seller is obliged to transfer to the Buyer all logins and passwords of access to the site.

7. If the Buyer wishes to transfer the purchased site to his hosting, he can use the service of our platform or the Seller himself is obliged to transfer the site to the hosting of the Buyer for an additional fee.

8. In cases where the seller refuses to provide access to the sold site or does not contact the buyer and does not respond to notifications within 1 month of receiving the first purchase notification, the transaction is canceled and the goods exhibited by this seller are temporarily withdrawn from sale until the circumstances are clarified.

9. The disputes between the buyer and the seller are resolved by them independently, the issue of the return of payment can be resolved with the payment system.

10. In some categories, the placement of lots occurs with payment in the PayPal system, the cost of placement depends on the category.

11. It is possible to sell site blanks without content or with demo content. After the sale, the seller must at his own expense install the purchased site procurement for hosting the purchaser.

12. It is prohibited to write contact details, links, phone, email, etc. in the product description.

13. Placement of a new lot is always for a period of 30 days, with the right of permanent extension. The seller is obliged to monitor the relevance of his proposals. Overdue lots can not be bought. In cases where the seller does not confirm the relevance of the proposal for more than 3 days after the delay, the overdue lots will be deleted.

14. Lots with a price of 1000 euros and above are posted, however, an additional seller check may be required.


1. Buyers are required to provide the correct information about themselves, for communication with themselves.

2. If the Seller has violated the agreement or provided false information about the site or the website owner, the Buyer has the right to demand the termination of the transaction.

3. Buying sites on our site occurs in the PayPal payment system, if the Seller asks for payment in another way, the Buyer must demand from the Seller a guarantee of a refund if the Agreement is violated by the Seller himself.


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